Schnepf Elementary Programs

At Schnepf Elementary, we believe students continue to learn and develop together and individually when they step outside of the classroom. At Schnepf, another important aspect of student life is being involved in clubs and activities. Our clubs, led by enthusiastic instructors, allow students the opportunity to interact with their peers who share similar interests.

Our Learning Programs

At Schnepf Elementary, we understand that each child learns at an individual pace, which is why we provide programs that enable every student to thrive. Our learning programs include:

Leader In Me

Stephen R. Covey said, “If you want small changes, work on your behavior; if you want quantum-leap changes, work on your paradigms.” The Leader in Me program is based on a model that creates new paradigms with effective practices that garner real results.

The See–Do–Get Cycle uses the following five core paradigms to see differently:

  • Everyone can be a leader.
  • Everyone has genius.
  • Change starts with me.
  • Educators empower students to lead their own learning.
  • Develop the whole person.

Student Council

Participation in student government gives students valuable experiences in the democratic process. We select officers each spring and elect fourth-and fifth-grade representatives in August. All students who wish to participate in student council must meet academic and behavior qualifications.


Queen Creek USD schools have a long-standing tradition of excellence in music and the performing arts. The great middle and high school bands we have come to admire and enjoy throughout our schools begin right here at Schnepf. If your fourth through sixth grader is interested in learning a brass, wood, or percussion instrument, come on out and join the Trailblazer Band!